Josh Izenberg is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, cinematographer, and producer, whose debut documentary, SLOMO (2013) premiered as a New York Times Op-Doc, won over a dozen awards, and was shortlisted for an Academy Award. He’s since co-directed the Netflix documentary, Resurface, which was nominated for an Emmy. Other films he’s worked on have be featured by The New Yorker, The Atlantic, WIRED, National Geographic, and Scientific American.

Commercial clients have included brands such as Nokia, Audi, 3DSystems, Evernote, KIPP Charter Schools, Education Elements, and agencies and production companies, including DDB, Slay, Riotmaker, and others.

Josh has also filmed in jungles, deserts, hospitals, and villages for various non-profit fundraising and awareness projects, notably The Search for Earth Proxima (Mission Centaur,) Save the Hearts ( and Protecting the Crossroads (The Earthworm Foundation.) 

In addition to his documentaries, Josh writes and produces narrative films and fiction-based commercial work with filmmaker Brett Marty as part of Speculative Films.

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